Truffles, the "diamonds of gastronomy" as known by the French, and with a Hellenic heritage that goes back to ancient Greece, when called "Idna" and were widely known as medicinal and aphrodisiac! 

Today our passionate producer Forest Garden in Chalkidiki, Macedonia, are the true truffle connoisseurs of Greece. They have been cultivating truffles since early 2000s in cooperation with the Natural Agriculture Research Foundation (NAGREF) and their produce is widely regarded as of the highest quality available. Foraged in the untouched Greek beech and oak forests, and selected by hand on the basis of maturity, size, homogeneity, roundness and absence of flaws. This rare and high quality Greek white truffle oil is made with premium Greek extra virgin olive oil from Peloponnese that retains and complements the elegance and aroma of white truffle and its intense flavour, and with no additives or preservatives.

Truffles give a pleasing sensation and a delicious feeling of slight intoxication, evoking our fifth taste, umami. Just a few drops of this gourmet delicacy will transform your culinary creations, from risotto, pasta and meat dishes to soups, salads, grilled vegetables or even potato fries. The perfect finishing oil!

A superb delicacy for vegetarians and vegans and a great gift idea for all our gourmet foodies! Highly recommended.


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