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Graviera Naxos (Naxos Gruyere Cheese) P.D.O

Graviera is Greece's second most popular cheese after feta. Graviera Naxou is produced in the island of Naxos, in the Cyclades. It is a yellow under-colour cheese with external rind and compact mass with small holes spread around the mass. It is a hard cheese, with a pleasant taste and light aroma. it is made of cow's milk. It can be sliced and eaten, fried as saganaki and eaten as a snack, grated and served over pasta dishes.

Ingredients: Cow's milk 80% minimum, sheep's and goats' milk maximum 20%, traditional rennet.

Nutritional Value 380kcal per 100g

Weight: 1kg. It can be also sold according to the preferred quantity.

AED 108.00

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Graviera Naxos (Naxos Gruyere Cheese) P.D.O 90 Days Maturation

173.50 AED